Ungh, Teething.

I’m going to try to keep this brief because I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone string together anything that remotely resembles anything clever. I have two kids. My son is three, which has its own set of challenges that I’ve mentioned at length. My daughter is almost 10 months old and she’s currently … More Ungh, Teething.

I Am The Law.

We sent my son to bed with out dinner. He is three and I don’t care. Somehow my wife and I have managed to get to a place with our son where, regardless of what he asks for (we nearly always oblige) or what we make for dinner, he will get to the dinner table … More I Am The Law.

I AM Amazon Mom

Over the past several years there have been many articles saying how modern dads are not only upping their game in terms of sharing more of the child rearing activities, but also taking over the purchasing and decision-making responsibilities once typically reserved for mom. I’m here to tell you that is 100% accurate. After we brought … More I AM Amazon Mom

Three Pickles In A Batman Cup And Other Toddler-Related Nonsense.

The scene: It’s 3: 30 am on Sunday morning of last week. I’ve just spent a marathon ten-hour drawing, inking, and painting session creating decorations for my son’s third birthday party.  I’ve finished three, four-foot square cartoon versions of Bruce Timm-esque representations of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman respectively. Because I’ve properly indoctrinated him, the … More Three Pickles In A Batman Cup And Other Toddler-Related Nonsense.